Movies: Oceans twelve*

A lot of reviewers will say this is the worst of the trilogy (oceans 13 is in my opinion) but I forgive the plot holes and ridiculousness because the charm and style more than make up for it.


Amsterdam is captured wonderfully

2004 Catherine Zeta-Jones. That’s all.

Lake Como makes a small appearance and it’s glorious

Bernie Mac : (

The Julia Roberts plotline was a little silly, but it was fun.

Brad Pitt’s burberry trench coat.

The unforgettable “laser” scene.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

*Derrick’s 6th favorite


Women’s wear wednesday: D&G Fw 20


Movies: The Gentlemen

This entire movie felt like one big punch in the face. In a good way.


Matthew McConughey is the MVP

Beautiful views of England

Henry Golding’s coat

Very rewarding ending

Colin Farrell’s plotline is weak, but his tracksuit is baller

Available on: Hulu & Amazon Prime Video


Hugo Boss: Boss Bottled

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SheerLuxe Man (SLMan) Interview

The people over at the SheerLuxe Office offered an interview with me on personal style titled My Style Rules.

full interview can be found here

Car Spotting

Volvo xc90

While my car was in the shop, Volvo gave me a loaner for the day and of course I took it to one of my favorite spots for photos.


Express x You

In September 2020, I had the chance to partner with Express and curate a 8-piece collection from their fall release. I photographed 4 looks from the collection.


My home office x Tivoli

Favorite room in the house: My home office. It’s the one place where I can be productive in the house.

Describe your decor style: Classically minimal. I appreciate the classic modern curves of furniture style of the 50’s and 60’s but the cleanliness of minimal design.

What song, artist, or musical genre vibes best with your style of décor: Film scores are actually what I listen to most in my office space. It allows me to relive some of my favorite moments in my favorite movies which in turn is where I get most of my inspiration from.

Tivoli Audio product of choice: I love the Tivoli Model One for the design and sound quality. Whenever I play Daft Punk’s “Tron Legacy” album, the Model One’s sound fills every corner of the space.

Last thing you bought or thrifted for your home office: My office chair

Any decor tips for our readers: Make sure your favorite space is designed for you. We all need a place in our home to unwind.

Car Spotting

CarSpotting: Mercedes G-Class

Places to Visit

Places to Visit: Downtown Chicago

It’s probably been 2017 since the last time we visit Chicago. We have family who lives there so we used to visit pretty frequently. This trip I wanted to just walk the streets of downtown Chicago. I figured most places would be closed, and for the most part I was right, but there were a lot of restaurants open.

Also had to make a mandatory stop at the happiest place on earth.

I was nervous at first, but finally found an era not filled with people to use my tripod for some photos

Already planning the next visit back.